About Green Lane

It Starts With A Seed

The philosophy of Green Lane Seeds is to supply award-winning top-quality genetics from across the globe to all cannabis enthusiasts and to do this with unparalleled customer service and support.

The current champion varieties on the menu have been sourced from our qualified and proven network of cultivators, all of whom are quality producers and lovers of both the plant and cannabis culture.

Simultaneously, we are busy breeding our own varieties of future champion strains, so make sure to watch this space for some delicious new developments in the near future!

Cannabis Seed Growing

Rooted In Experience

Our primary geneticist, Tony Rhodes, has 30 years of experience in the field, starting with Sensi Seeds in 1990, then Cerebral Seeds, and now congruently with Sagarmatha Seeds. 

Along his journey, Tony was approached by John Hill, a leading component of a cannabis crew he calls ‘The Firm’. ‘The Firm’ was the pioneering entity that transformed Dutch ditch weed into the world-class cannabis that Holland became famous for during the mid 80’s to the early ’90s. This collaboration of cannabis consciousness consisted of great marijuana gurus such as Ben Dronkers (Sensi Seeds), Eddie Redekker (Flying Dutchman), Dave Watson (Skunk Sam), Robert Clarke (author), and  Ed Rosenthal (author). The combined cultivation knowledge from these ganja industry giants was passed down from John to Tony for many years until John’s passing. RIP John Hill. 

During this period, Tony created associations with other cannabis champion breeders including Simon from Serious Seeds, Dan from DJ Short, Vince from Northern California Growers Association, Dutch from Harborside CO, Jay from Northern California Genetics, and a plethora of other professional breeders from Alaska to Florida and various points around the globe. During these collaborations from the mid-90s to early 2000s, he helped develop many award-winning strains. Some of these wonderful varieties that received the highest honours were AK-47, Kali Mist (aka western winds), Mangolian Indica, Bubbleberry, Stonehedge, Blueberry and Yumboldt.

Founded On Passion

With over 100 years of combined cannabis knowledge, here at Green Lane Seeds we have a shared passion for the endless possibilities this amazing plant has to offer.

Cannabis, including the non-psychoactive hemp, has an extremely versatile ability to be used across almost every industry. The seeds alone can be used for a huge variety of food products for humans and animals, as well as personal care products, cooking oil, biofuel, and paint. The stalks can be used for fabric, insulation, carpeting, paneling, construction materials, hemp plastics, gasoline, ethanol, methanol, and methane gas. And these are only some of its many uses without even touching on the products and benefits that come from the flower. With the recent boom in popularity of CBD along with its many recreational, therapeutic and medical benefits, research continues into all the different cannabinoids and terpenes, continuously uncovering more and more of this plant’s incredible abilities.

In addition to our passion for the plant, we also strive to have the best customer service in the industry. We believe transparency, environmental and social awareness, along with forward-thinking are a key part of any modern business.

Branching Out

At Green Lane Seeds we serve recreational and medical needs with top-quality, reliable genetics, but this is only the first branch to protrude from Green Lane B.V: The point where cannabis and consciousness come together.

Green Lane B.V is founded on the belief that the Cannabis industry will not only be a huge force in recreational and medical industries but can also be a front runner in the environmental movement. With hemp being federally legalized in the US in 2019 we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in regards to its potential to revitalize or replace many damaging industries with carbon negative alternatives. 

Green Lane B.V aims to help accelerate these transitions by creating biodegradable plant-based alternatives originating from carbon negative hemp farms to eventually replace all environmentally damaging products and packaging.

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