Bruce Banner


Flowering Period

10 Weeks


Yield Amount






THC Level

20% / 30%


Grow Difficulty

Easy / Medium

A fitting name for a powerful green giant, Bruce Banner is famous for her uplifting effects and high THC content.

Bruce Banner | Green Lane Seeds

Bruce Banner Genetics and Strain Characteristics

Bruce Banner was originally developed by Dark Horse Genetics with lineage from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. This Sativa-dominant beauty, famous for her high THC content, delivers one of the strongest punches in the biz.

Also indicative of the Hulk, she is a tall and sturdy plant with strong arms and beautiful crystal laden flower tops accented with minty green and purple undertones.


This strain has satisfactory yields, doing well indoors and out under the right conditions.

The flowering time can vary from 8–10 weeks.

Additionally, this strain is naturally resistant to most pests and diseases.

Bruce Banner | Green Lane Seeds

Bruce Banner | Green Lane Seeds

Bruce Banner | Green Lane Seeds

Bruce Banner | Green Lane Seeds

Flavour and Effects

Bruce Banner’s aroma has accents of sweet fruity ginger with a touch of diesel. The diesel aroma also comes through in the aftertaste along with a fantastic flavour of sweet, spicy fruit.

Having euphoric, creative and relaxing effects this wonderful strain is ideal for treating depression, anxiety, stress, and muscle tension.

“Bruce Banners high THC from the Kush and high terps from the Strawberry Diesel synergize to form a sublime blend of marijuana mayhem.”

Tony | Green Lane Seeds

Bruce Banner | Green Lane Seeds


Available In the following collector’s packs: 1 seed – 3 Seeds – 5 Seeds

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