Flowering Period

10 Weeks


Yield Amount




Sativa hybrid


THC Level

18% / 21%


Grow Difficulty


A gracious green giant of ganja glory, Chemdawg #4 rose to fame due to her infamous diesel-like fragrances and beautiful bud formations.

Chemdawg | Green Lane Seeds

Chemdawg Genetics and Strain Characteristics

The exact origins of Chemdawg have been lost to history, most likely in a cloud of smoke, however, it’s popularly believed she comes from Nepalese and Thai Sativa genetics. Originating from the Chemdawg lineage, Chemdawg #4 differs in that it is an Indica Dominant hybrid.

With her thick girth and quick growth, large plants can be expected both indoors and outdoors for this high pedigree strain. The flowers develop into hard, heavy, olive-green nugs, adorned with a rich layer of THC ridden trichomes and orange highlights.


Dense and dank, smokers all agree that Chemdawg ranks high in personal stash preferences.

Flowering periods are in tune with most champion strains at 9-10 weeks.

Additionally, Chemdawg has a high resistance to pests and most diseases.

Chemdawg | Green Lane Seeds

Chemdawg | Green Lane Seeds

Chemdawg | Green Lane Seeds

Chemdawg | Green Lane Seeds

Flavour and Effects

A fuel and lemon taste with an undertone of pine lingers on the lips and breath while eyelids lower and alpha waves get higher. A gentle calmness envelopes your mind and body. 

High THC coupled with a tremendous terpene profile produces a cerebral high and body stoned favoured among high stressed tokers. Alleviating the stress of the day and soothing the body’s aches, Chemdawg is perfect for one hit marijuana medicine. Muscle, joint, neck pains and many other body ailments receive relief provided by this cannabis first responder.

“3-4 bong rips before bed will insure a rush of alpha waves followed by a tsunami of delta waves carrying the toker to a place of peaceful dreams and refurbishing restfulness.”

Tony | Green Lane Seeds

Chemdawg | Green Lane Seeds


Available In the following collector’s packs: 1 seed – 3 Seeds – 5 Seeds

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