Flowering Period

8 / 9 Weeks


Yield Amount






THC Level

18% / 23%


Grow Difficulty

Easy / Medium

Originating in Texas, Shoreline is a superior skunk variety known for its uppercut punch and vigorous growth.

Shoreline | Green Lane Seeds

Shoreline Genetics and Strain Characteristics

The original Shoreline is believed to have come from a cross between a Sensi Skunk and a gorgeous Mexican Sativa. Eventually, this was crossed with an Oasis male from Dutch Passion, bringing us the strain we have today.

With the form of an old Skunk plant, this strain is sturdy and tough, producing densely structured, brawny buds.


The flowering time of Shoreline is a satisfactory 8-9 weeks.
Yields are huge and heavy when proper pruning techniques are applied.

Additionally, one of Shoreline’s most favourable growth attributes is her ability to resist mould infections.

Shoreline | Green Lane Seeds

Shoreline | Green Lane Seeds

Shoreline | Green Lane Seeds

Shoreline | Green Lane Seeds

Flavour and Effects

The aroma of Shoreline gives off notes of a fruit and berry Skunk that carry through in the flavour, with subtle earthy undertones.

The effects of this strain are quite calming and relaxing for the body and mind, making it perfect for stress and depression. Additionally, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory for headaches and nausea and is also popular for boosting the appetite.

“All practitioners from private to pro can expect positive results in every aspect of the Shoreline experience. What a long strange bud it’s been!”

Tony | Green Lane Seeds

Shoreline | Green Lane Seeds


Available In the following collector’s packs: 1 seed – 3 Seeds – 5 Seeds

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