Terms and Conditions 

As a customer of Green Lane Seeds you are required to comply with the following legal conditions along with our Terms and Conditions set out below:

  • This site should only be visited from countries where cannabis seeds are legal.
  • The information found on www.greenlaneseeds.com website is meant for educational and scientific purposes only and not meant to promote the use of illegal or controlled substances.
  • Green Lane Seeds website is meant for persons over the age of 18 years old. To enter our website and therefore to purchase our seeds you will need to be 18 years old.
  • All seeds purchased from Green Lane Seeds website are guaranteed to germinate. In the case of non-germination this needs to be documented in order to receive replacements.
  • Before ordering from www.greenlaneseeds.com, please be sure that possession of cannabis seeds is legal in your country. Green Lane Seeds will not be held responsible for the actions of any other individual persons, 3rd parties or any sort of organisations.
  • You are prohibited from taking Green Lane Seeds to countries where the possession of cannabis seeds is illegal.
  • We deliver our seeds on the conditions that others will not use them in conflict with any law.
  • We expressly point out that all those who purchase seeds from Green Lane Seeds are responsible for their own actions in the future. In this respect, Green Lane Seeds will accept no responsibility.
  • Further, Green Lane Seeds, in accordance with the European laws inform you that, if you live in the EU: You can return new, unopened items from a cancelled order within 2 weeks (10 working days) after they have been delivered to you. Items must be returned in their original package, sealed. Please contact us by email in order to receive instructions about returning the seeds.
  • Green Lane Seeds, in accordance with the European laws concerning privacy, will not share any information about its customers with 3rd parties and will use the personal data only to manage orders and to, only with permission of each individual, send periodical newsletters and/or other advertising material. It is the responsibility of each customer to verify the existence of personal data in the Green Lane Seeds system and specifically instruct Green Lane Seeds to delete or alter such data. 

Terms and Conditions Green Lane B.V

Located at Staalmeesterslaan 328, 1057 PC, Amsterdam, Registered at the “Kamer van Koophandel” in Amsterdam under number 80202152 and with BTW nummer NL 861586785

Article 1: Definitions

In this terms and conditions the following definitions are used:

  1. Green Lane Seeds: Green Lane B.V, the private company with limited responsibility that is located at Staalmeesterslaan 328, 1057 PC, Amsterdam, registered at the “Kamer van Koophandel” in Amsterdam under number 80202152 and with BTW number NL 861586785.
  2. Buyer: the individual or legal entity that commissions Green Lane Seeds to perform activities and/or services, or who purchases products from Green Lane Seeds.
  3. Consumer: the buyer who comes to an agreement with Green Lane Seeds and is not acting for a company or profession.
  4. Offer: Any offer of goods, including the appropriate conditions, as shown on the Green Lane Seeds website.
  5. Price: The price of the offered goods, not including additional costs, shown or discussed separately.
  6. Remote sales: The system organised by Green Lane Seeds for remote sales, where only techniques for remote communication are used to come to an agreement.
  7. Agreement: Any agreement regarding remote sales
  8. Trial period: The period in which the consumer can exercise their right of withdrawal.

Article 2.  Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions are applicable to any offers, quotes, agreements and deliveries from Green Lane Seeds of any kind, unless explicitly agreed on in a different manner.
  2. Any terms and conditions set by the buyer are explicitly declined. Exceptions and additions of the terms and conditions are only applicable if and when they are explicitly agreed to in writing.
  3. When Green Lane Seeds, tacitly or not, for a shorter or longer time allowed derogation from present terms and conditions, this leaves unaffected the right to demand immediate and strict compliance of these terms and conditions. The buyers cannot derive any rights from the way Green Lane Seeds applies the present terms and conditions.
  4. Current terms and conditions are also applicable to any agreement with Green Lane Seeds, for which services of third parties have to be employed.
  5. In case one or more of the conditions from current terms and conditions or any other agreement with Green Lane Seeds are found in breach with compulsory law or any applicable legal provisions, said condition will elapse and will be replaced by a new, comparable condition set by Green Lane Seeds.

Article 3. Offers and Orders

  1. Any offers made by Green Lane Seeds are revocable and are non binding, unless explicitly otherwise specified
  2. A combined quote does not bind Green Lane Seeds to the delivery of part of the goods for an equal part of the agreed price.
  3. The size of the delivery is exclusively determined by the description of the delivery given in the quote and the order confirmation.
  4. The prices in the offers of Green Lane Seeds are excluding VAT and other government levies. Also excluding any costs that are made relating to the order, including packaging and shipment fees, and possible costs for insured shipping, unless otherwise specified.
  5. An agreement with Green Lane Seeds is only established after an order is accepted or approved in writing. The conformation of the order is deemed to represent the agreement completely and correctly, unless the buyer formally and immediately protests in writing.

Article 4. Delivery and Terms

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery occurs from the company or warehouse of Green Lane Seeds.
  2. If the delivery of goods occurs on an address specified by the buyer, the buyer is obliged to accept the purchase on the moment when these are made available to him.
  3. In case the buyer declines the purchase or is negligent with the provision of information or instructions necessary for the delivery, the goods that are destined for that delivery will be stored on the risk and costs of the buyer. The buyer will then owe additional costs.
  4. If Green Lane Seeds requires any information from the buyer needed for the execution of the agreement, the delivery time will commence after the required information is made available to Green Lane Seeds.
  5. If Green Lane Seeds has provided a period for the delivery or execution of the agreement, this is to be seen as an indication. A given delivery time can never be seen as a firm time. In case of exceeding of a period, the buyer needs to default Green Lane Seeds in writing. Green Lane Seeds then needs to be offered a reasonable period to comply with the agreement.
  6. Depending on the supply situation on the market, Green Lane Seeds reserves the right to postpone the delivery.
  7. Green Lane Seeds reserves the right to employ third parties in the execution of (parts of) the agreement.
  8. Green Lane Seeds is entitled to deliver orders in parts and to charge each part separately.

Article 5. Trial Period and Revocation Rights

  1. The buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods directly after receipt. If the delivered goods are not in accordance with the agreement, the buyer needs to report the defects or incorrectly supplied goods to Green Lane Seeds within 5 days after the discovery.
  2. During the trial period the consumer has revocation rights, which gives him the possibility to return the goods without any requirements other than the direct costs of the reshipment.
  3. The consumer can only use his revocation rights by informing Green Lane Seeds within a period of fourteen (14) days after reception of the goods of his intent by letter or email.
  4. In case a consumer uses his revocation rights, Green Lane Seeds will repay the possibly made payments by the consumer within a period of thirty (30) days.
  5. The consumer can only exercise his right of revocation when the goods are returned completely, undamaged, unused and in their original container. The consumer is required to return the goods within fourteen (14) days after the use of his revocation rights to Green Lane Seeds. The costs of the reshipment are for the consumer
  6. Any custom made orders are excluded from the trial period and the right of revocation.

Article 6. Price Alterations

  1. In case one or more cost-factors undergo an alteration after the making of the agreement, but before the delivery of the goods, Green Lane Seeds is entitled to alter the agreed price accordingly. Green Lane Seeds are in any case authorized to apply extra costs in case there are conditions that increase the costs.
  2. In case Green Lane Seeds has come to the conclusion that cost increasing conditions have occurred, they will inform the buyer immediately in writing.
  3. In case Green Lane Seeds increases the price within 3 months of the formation of the agreement, the buyer is entitled to terminate the agreement with Green Lane Seeds, unless Green Lane Seeds indicate they will carry out the agreement for the original price. If the buyer wants to terminate the agreement in case of a price increase, the buyer needs to formally make this known by means of a registered letter within fourteen (14) days after the notification of the price increase.

Article 7. Invoicing and Payment

  1. Unless otherwise specified, payment of goods occurs in advance and in one.
  2. If, in derogation of art 7.1, it is agreed that payment of the goods shall happen after delivery, by use of an invoice, that invoice shall be paid within fourteen (14) days after said invoice, by method specified by Green Lane Seeds and in the currency specified on the invoice.
  3. After the payment term has elapsed, the buyer will be in default, without any notice of default on the part of the other party being required, without prejudice
  4. From the moment of default, the buyer is due to pay an interest of 1% a month, unless the statutory commercial interest is higher, in which case the statutory commercial interest is valid. Any (non) legal costs needed by Green Lane Seeds to obtain payment, will be for the buyer from the moment of default. In that case the buyer will be charged 15 % of the expenses incurred, with a minimum of 75 euros. If the expenses exceed this amount, the additional costs also qualify for compensation
  5. In case the buyer does not fulfil his payment obligation in time, Green Lane Seeds is allowed to postpone their obligations to the buyer up until the moment payment is done or proper security or surety for the payment is made. This is also the case before the lapse of the payment term, when Green Lane Seeds has reasonable doubt about the creditworthiness of the buyer.
  6. In case of liquidation, bankruptcy debt restructuring or suspension of payment of the buyer, or a request thereof, the claims of Green Lane Seeds and the obligations of the buyer towards Green Lane Seeds are immediately payable.
  7. Payments made by the buyer shall in any case be applied first against all interest and cost owed, and secondly against the oldest outstanding invoices, even if the buyer has specified the payment is in relation to a newer invoice.
  8. Green Lane Seeds is entitled to refuse the principle amount if the amount is not sufficient to cover any costs and interest due.
  9. If more than one person or company is indicated with the term the buyer, each will be severally liable for any obligation against Green Lane Seeds.

Article 8.  Reservation of Ownership

  1. Any goods delivered or to be delivered by Green Lane Seeds remain the property of Green Lane Seeds, up until the buyer has fully fulfilled his payment obligation towards Green Lane Seeds toward any agreement about the delivery of goods, the carrying out of work or services. This includes any claims towards failing to meet any obligation in such agreement
  2. A buyer who is acting as a reseller will be allowed to sell and distribute any goods that are subject to the reservation of ownership of Green Lane Seeds, for as far as this is customary as part of the normal execution of his company. Green Lane Seeds will acquire an undisclosed pledge for any claims the buyer acquires towards his customers from the resale of any goods delivered by Green Lane Seeds under reservation of ownership.
  3. In case the buyer forms a new business from goods (partly) supplied by Green Lane Seeds, the buyer only forms this business for Green Lane Seeds and the buyer will retain the business for Green Lane Seeds up until the buyer has fulfilled every obligation and all amounts of the agreement. Green Lane Seeds will have in that case all rights as owner of the newly formed business up until complete fulfillment of the agreement.
  4. Any rights will be, where appropriate, given to the buyer under the condition that he will pay any agreed amount fully and timely.
  5. The buyer is not allowed to grant limited rights on any goods that are subject to reservation of ownership of Green Lane Seeds. In case third parties wish to obtain limited rights to any goods that are subject to reservation of ownership, the buyer will inform Green Lane Seeds immediately.
  6. On any delivered goods that have changed ownership to the buyer by means of payment, and are still held by Green Lane Seeds, Green Lane Seeds reserves the right of the non-possessory pledge as additional security for claims that Green Lane Seeds might have towards the buyer.
  7. The buyer is obliged to keep any delivered goods under reservation of ownership separate from any other goods, with due care and recognizably the property of Green Lane Seeds.
  8. The buyer is obliged to insure any goods under reservation of ownership against fire- explosion and water-damage, also against theft, and to make the policies of these insurances available to Green Lane Seeds at the first request. Any claims of the buyer on these insurances will be, if so wished by Green Lane Seeds, negatively pledged to Green Lane Seeds, as additional security for any claims of Green Lane Seeds towards the buyer.
  9. In case the buyer does not meet his obligations, or if there is reasonable doubt he will meet his obligations, Green Lane Seeds is entitled to remove or have a third party remove any goods under reservation of ownership from the buyer or third parties keeping the company for the buyer. The buyer is obliged to give his full cooperation on penalty of 10% per day of the owed amount.

Article 9. Suspension and Dissolution

  1. In the case the buyer defaults, and does not fulfill his obligations in the contract, Green Lane Seeds is, notwithstanding that what is determined on that subject in the agreement, entitled to terminate the agreement extra-judicially by means of a registered letter. The termination will take place after the buyer is issued notice of default and is given a reasonable period to clear the default.
  2. Furthermore, Green Lane Seeds is entitled to, without any notice or written reminder, terminate the agreement fully or partly by means of a registered letter and to take place immediately, in case
    • The buyer requests (preliminary) suspension of payment or is granted (preliminary) suspension of payment.
    • The buyer requests his own bankruptcy or is declared bankrupt
    • The buyer requests legal debt restructuring or when the Debt Restructuring for Natural Persons Act applies to the buyer
    • The company of the buyer has been liquidated
    • A substantial part of the company of the buyer is overtaken
    • The buyer terminates his company
    • To no fault of Green Lane Seeds, a substantial part of the assets of the buyer are being confiscated, or when the buyer in any other way is no longer deemed able to carry out the obligations of the agreement.
  3. The buyer only is entitled to suspend or terminate the agreement with Green Lane Seeds for as far as the law regulates this entitlement. If the buyer has, at the time of termination, already received any goods or services out of the agreement, he can only partly terminate the agreement, exclusively for the part of the agreement that is not yet conducted.
  4. Any amounts billed by Green Lane Seeds before the termination, regarding any services already rendered for the agreement, remain fully due to Green Lane Seeds by the buyer and will be immediately payable at the moment of termination.
  5. If the buyer, after being noticed of default, does not fulfill any obligations fully and timely, Green Lane Seeds is entitled to suspend any of their obligations towards the buyer, without being held towards any compensation towards the buyer. This is also the case in the circumstances listed under part two of this article.

Article 10. Liability

  1. In case Green Lane Seeds is liable to any damage, this liability is confined to compensation of any direct damage and to the maximum of the billed amount of the agreement, as far as the part of the agreement that corresponds with the liability. Direct damage is solely determined as:
    • The reasonable costs made to determine the cause and extent of the damage, as far as the determination is related to damage in the meaning of these terms and conditions.
    • Reasonable costs made to prevent or mitigate the damage, as far as the buyer can show these costs have contributed to a mitigation of the direct damage in the meaning of these terms and conditions.
  2. Green Lane Seeds is never liable to indirect damage, including personal injury, consequential damages, lost profit, missed savings, damage by business interruption or damage stemming from any fines or taxes.
  3. Green Lane Seeds is not liable for damage of any kind whatsoever, stemming from using incorrect or incomplete information supplied by the customer.
  4. Mistakes or deviations in assumptions, profit calculations, payback calculations, amounts of subsidy, and any other factors on which the customer based his decision to come to an agreement – whether or not known to Green Lane Seeds – are at the customer’s expense.
  5. The limitations of liability that are listed in present terms and conditions do not apply in case the damage is due to intention or gross fault of Green Lane Seeds.

Article 11. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Green Lane Seeds is and will remain the owner of any intellectual property that is on, or connected to, any goods delivered by Green Lane Seeds, including, but not limited to, brands (including design and colour schemes), trade names, packaging, and documentation.
  2. The exercise of the rights listed in part one of this article are both during and after the execution of an agreement, solely reserved to Green Lane Seeds. The buyer is not allowed to publish, multiply or use in any other way these rights, unless with the explicit written approval of Green Lane Seeds
  3. Any drawings, technical descriptions, designs, and calculations made by Green Lane Seeds or by a third party by request, will remain part of Green Lane Seeds. The buyer is not allowed to hand out or show these to a third party.
  4. Green Lane Seeds preserves the right to, in the event of a breach of the current article, claim any damage that stems from the breach.

Article 12. Quality and Conformity

  1. Green Lane Seeds shall see to it that all of the goods delivered are of the usual quality, suitable for their purpose, and meet any reasonable demands or the demands that are mutually set in the agreement.
  2. Any drawings, technical descriptions, samples, pictures, flavours, colours, sizes, and material descriptions, also information regarding quality and yield(period) are given by Green Lane Seeds in good faith and as accurate as possible. This informative data is not binding. Any deviation in the delivered goods within the margins commonly used in the sector are to be accepted and do not give the buyer any right to advertisement, replacement, compensation or any other rights unless a smaller margin is explicitly agreed upon.

Article 13. Product Liability

Solely if, and only for as far as, allowed by law the buyer excludes Green Lane Seeds from any claims towards product liability regarding the delivered goods, and will refer the matter to the relevant supplier of Green Lane Seeds.

Article 14.  Indemnification

  1. The buyer indemnificates Green Lane Seeds from any claims made by third parties, including (local) governments:
    • That suffer damage stemming from the execution of the agreement and of which the cause is attributable to others than Green Lane Seeds
    • In case the buying and selling, transport, import, processing or possession of the goods to be delivered is illegal at the destination of the delivery.
    • In case the delivered goods are used to produce prohibited drugs or medicines, or drugs or medicines for which a permit is needed.
  2. In the case Green Lane Seeds is held liable by a third party on any of the grounds in part one of the current article, the buyer will be held to support Green Lane Seeds in court or otherwise, and immediately do that which can be expected of them. In case the buyer defaults taking any adequate measures, Green Lane Seeds is entitled to take said measures on themselves. Any costs and damage on the side of Green Lane Seeds and third parties that stem from that will be completely for the buyer.

Article 15.  Cancellation

Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the buyer is not entitled to annul the agreement with Green Lane Seeds or otherwise end it. The gaining of subsidy, finances, or any other unforeseen circumstances are never arguments to annul or terminate an agreement with Green Lane Seeds.

 Article 16.  Force Majeure

  1. Unforeseen circumstances of any kind, including mobilisation, the threat of war, government regulations, strikes, company lock-out, the strike of transport services, fire, flooding, the not or not timely performance of third parties on which Green Lane Seeds is depending for a proper execution of the agreement, because of which the agreement cannot be fulfilled timely or not without objectively disproportionate effort or cost, shall count as force majeure for Green Lane Seeds. This is also the case if Green Lane Seeds is confronted with the sudden illness of accident of personnel or third parties, whose replacement cannot reasonably be foreseen in the near future.
  2. In case any of the circumstances as described in part one of the current article occurs, the buyer will allow Green Lane Seeds to comply with the agreement in a reasonable period of time
  3. In case of force majeure, any liability of claims towards Green Lane Seeds is explicitly excluded. Parties will not use their right to terminate the agreement in case of force majeure until after the course of two months after the force majeure unless parties have agreed to a longer-term to adhere to the agreement.
  4. If Green Lane Seeds has already partly met the obligations in the agreement at the time of the force majeure, or can only partly meet the obligations in the agreement, they are entitled to separately bill the partly delivered or to be delivered goods, and the buyer is held to pay this as if it were a separate agreement. This is void if the partly delivered or to be delivered goods have no stand-alone value.

Article 17.  Applicable law and competent court

  1. On any agreement between Green Lane Seeds and the buyer, Dutch Law is applicable
  2. Any disputes, including those which are only seen as such by one of the parties, arisen in response to an agreement on which the current terms and conditions apply completely or partially, or in response to other agreements which are a result of such agreement, will be settled by the competent court in the judicial district of the business location of Green Lane Seeds, unless a compelling legal provision opposes this. This leaves unaffected that Green Lane Seeds can agree with the buyer to settle the dispute by an independent arbitration.
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