Wedding Cake


Flowering Period

7 / 9 Weeks


Yield Amount




Indica hybrid


THC Level

18% / 25%


Grow Difficulty

Easy / Medium

Wedding Cake is a delicious and nutritious example of cannabis confectionery which everyone deserves a savoury slice.

Wedding Cake | Green Lane Seeds

Wedding Cake Genetics and Strain Characteristics

This treat was superbly perfected in the kitchens of Seed Junky Genetics, with a lineage from Cherry Pie and Cookie F2.

The colas on Wedding Cake are very compact, so handfuls of thumb size sticky nugs are the norm. In addition, an icing of lightly amber trichomes creates a glistening aura for the eyes to behold.


The yields on this strain can satisfy any wedding party and has been highly rated for outdoor performances as well as indoor.
Flowering time is around 7-9 weeks, adequate for commercial and connoisseur growers.

With proper pruning and budding techniques, a large cannabis cake can be expected.

Wedding Cake | Green Lane Seeds

Wedding Cake | Green Lane Seeds

Wedding Cake | Green Lane Seeds

Wedding Cake | Green Lane Seeds

Flavour and Effects

Wedding Cakes’ aromatic robust buds are bursting with flavour and the palette of flavonoids are arranged in such a way that your taste buds tingle with excitement.

After the burst of flavour, her effects bring focus and euphoria, lending herself to a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. These include relief of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression and even insomnia.

“Wedding Cake is a well-received dessert: tasty, tangy, and filling.”

Tony | Green Lane Seeds

Wedding Cake | Green Lane Seeds


Available In the following collector’s packs: 1 seed – 3 Seeds – 5 Seeds

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